Monday, July 18, 2016

[WSO2 App Manager] How to add a Business Owner to a web app?

WSO2 App Manager introduces concept of business owner from 1.2.0 onward. There are few steps to attach a business owner to a web app.

First let's see how to create a new business owner.

  1. Start App Manager.
  2. Login to Admin-dashboard of WSO2 App Manager using admin/admin credentials by https://localhost:9443/admin-dashboard
  3. Go to Business Owners > Add Business Owner

  4. Add business owner information like below.

  5. If you want to add more details about business owner (ex: Telephone number, Organization etc.), you can click on "Add New Property" button and add more information.

    If the business owner wants to show/hide some information from the public(store), he can tick/untick "Show In Store" property to the property. 
  6. If you want to edit or delete an exiting business owner, you can find edit and delete buttons to a relevant business owner from Business Owners > List Owners

  7.  Then let's see how to set a business owner to a web app. Select a business owner by clicking on the business owners drop down list in web app create page.

  8. You can see more details of a business owner from web app overview page in publisher.

  9. If the app is in published state you can see the business owner details from the store as well. (Note : In store, it will show only the attributes that are allowed to show in store.)

  10. If someone wants to get all webapps of a given business owner, you can do it from the store search as well.

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